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VTea, Advanced 14 Day Detox and Cleasing Tea Kit

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v tea Advanced 14 Day Detox Tea Kit: Morning Teatox and Evening Flush. Reduce Bloating and Constipation. Natural Weight

FLUSH DETOX TEA BENEFITS - Proprietary herbal blend helps reduce bloating to achieve a flatter tummy – Gentle cleansing tea helps remove toxins and build up from digestive system and promotes weight loss.

  • TEATOX CLEANSE YOUR BODY – Feel healthier and look younger – say goodbye to nasty toxins - boost energy and increase metabolism - many notice their skin and complexion also improve.
  • DELICIOUS TASTING LOOSE LEAF TEA - 100% organic tea blended fresh in small batches for unsurpassed quality and a natural herbal flavor – you’ll love these teas!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MADE IN THE USA – This great tasting natural detox tea is unlike other – two-part system focuses on detoxifying and digestion. Morning blend will help purify your system and increase liver function –Nightime Flush will restore gut health and stimulate a gentle laxative effect.


Everybody wants to look and feel their best. For a few lucky people losing weight is easy, but for most it's a struggle. Why follow fad diets, or spend $$$ on “miracle pills” that never seem to work?


vitalitea is a delicious blend of traditional organic herbs that aid in digestion and eliminate toxins from your system that get expelled during weight loss. The ultimate way to calm and cleanse your body - vitalitea will help boost your energy and mood without any nasty artificial ingredients.


This is our ADVANCED FLUSH TEATOX and we include a two-step system approach that includes the amazing morning detox tea and a purifying PM Flush tea that restores digestive health and might encourage a gentle laxative effect. With Organic Burdock Root and Nettle Leaf to help burn fat faster and Creosote to purify and cleans the liver – your body is enabled to perform its house cleaning better naturally.


Delicious blend of traditional organic herbs and a subtle hint spearmint make this a detox tea you will actually enjoy drinking. No bitter or medicinal taste – most complaints on weight loss teas is that they are nearly undrinkable – YOU WILL LOVE VITALITEA BLENDS!

Directions Bring 8 oz of water to low boil and steep 1 tea bag 5 min. Hydrate with 80-124 oz water daily

Ingredients TEATOX: Burdock Root, Nettle Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Fenugreek Seed, Rosemary, Tulsi, Yerba Beuna (Spearmint) FLUSH: Alfalfa Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Chamomile, Caraway Seed, Fennel Seed, Fenugreek Seed, Ginger Root, Tulsi, Yerba Buena, Cinnamon, Senna Leaf

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