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Vitruvian Natural Lab, Probiotic 15 Strains 5 Billion - 60 Pearl Tablets

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Easy-to-swallow BIO-tract pearl capsules deliver friendly bacteria to your entire digestive tract! Our spherical tablets measure just 8 millimeters. Because they are time-released, they deliver healthy microorganisms to your digestive system,

including your large intestine! Time-release also prevents your body from being overwhelmed by a sudden flood of new bacteria. This prevents the intestinal discomfort you may have experienced with other probiotics Boost your digestive health, reduce inflammation, and promote a healthy gut and immune system. Probiotics help your body to absorb nutrition and make your entire digestive system more efficient. They also combat harmful bacteria and viruses. They also balance the growth of yeast in your body and relieve digestive symptoms like bloating and gas.

100% natural and side-effect free!  A lot of people eat yogurt to replenish their stores of healthy bacteria, but have you ever noticed how most yogurt is loaded with sugar?  Here is an easy, sugar-free alternative, one with NO unhealthy additives. 

  • Vitruvian Natural LabTM stands behind the quality of every product we manufacture.  Our probiotics are made in USA labs according to the strictest of quality standards set by the FDA.  We eliminate the middle man and deliver our probiotics directly to you, the customer.  This allows us to keep our prices low, and ensure you are getting the freshest healthy microorganisms!

In short, when you don't have enough healthy bacteria in your gut and intestines, you can have trouble digesting your food.  You feel bloated, gassy, and just plain bad after you eat.  Throughout your day you may feel queasy and uncomfortable.  Your energy levels suffer, and you are more susceptible to getting sick.

Vitruvian Natural LabTM Probiotics 5B-15 Are the Answer

take 1 tablet as dietary supplements

Ingredients 15 Strains 5 Billion CFU BIOtract Pearl 75 Billion CFU of Normal Probiotic - Our probiotics are made in USA labs according to the strictest of quality standards set by the FD 100% natural and side-effect free!

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