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The Algonquin Tea Co. - 100% Certified Organic Herb Sacred Tea Blend - 16 Tea Bags

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With this blend I think of the shelter of deep woods in the winter, or a warm sunny spot on a forest path where the heady scent of the sweet earth envelopes you like love. I think of sacred circles attended with elders and loved ones. I think of the warmth of communion with those who have gone before, those who are present and those who are coming. I give thanks to the great spirit and to the mother earth, who gives us these herbs as her sweet blessing.

These three sacred herbs offer us a blessing to help cleanse and heal our lives. Their power bring us many healing qualities, as well as a deep sense of tranquility, calm and focus. Well-known historically by Native Americans who use these herbs to ‘smudge’ ceremonially. Drink in the Sacred Circle.

These three sacred herbs bless us with a healing sense of communion, tranquillity and focus, for which the herbs are known by Native Americans.

Sacred blend is ideal for meditation or sacred group activities.

  • Decongestant

  • Anti-inflammatory for joint pain

  • Cools fevers

  • Relieves indigestion

INGREDIENT TRADITIONAL USES Among the traditional medicinal values of these herbs are decongestant, anti-inflammatory, for joint pain and cools fevers.

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