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Stim-O-Stam, Excellent in Performance - 120 Capsules

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  • Reduces lactic acid
  • Increases available oxygen
  • Extends endurance
  • Accelerates recovery

Increases ATP production; inhibits ATP breakdown. Reduces lactic acid. Increases available oxygen. Extends endurance and delays fatigue. Accelerates recovery, recuperation rates and times. Minimizes muscle soreness, cramps and heat-related problems.       

The ORIGINAL Phosphate Fuel
A concentrated source of phosphates and Vitamin C for use during periods of physical activity, stress and recovery, STIM-O-STAM® accelerates recovery, improves maximum and resting heart rates and enhances work efficiency, while extending endurance and minimizing muscle soreness, cramps and strains.•Reduces Lactic Acid
•Increases ATP production
•Inhibits ATP breakdown
•Delays fatigue
•Increases available oxygen (VO2 max)
•Extends endurance
•Maintains blood and muscle acid-base balance (pH)
•Accelerates recovery and recuperation rates and times
•Minimizes muscle soreness, cramps and heat related problems 


Take 1 tablets daily as dietary supplements

Ingredients contain quality Increases available oxygen of your body . and might contain caffeine

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