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San Francisco Herb & teas Passion Peach Black Tea - 36 Bags

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HOW FRUIT TEA BEGANOne of my favorite memories as a young boy is afternoon tea with my mother. Always eager to try new things, one day I squeezed the juice of a fresh orange into my cup of hot tea to cool it off. Finding that I really enjoyed the fresh fruit flavored tea,

I began experimenting and went from orange, to strawberry, peach, raspberry whatever was in season and created many delightful teas. Through the years, I continued to add fruit to my tea and realized I had to offer these great taste treats to you, but with a special flair! I began mixing fruit pieces, essential oils, natural extracts and pure juices to achieve just the right flavor and aroma.

Finding that I really enjoyed the fresh fruit flavored tea.

Ingredients Black O.P. tea, orange flowers, elderberries, bee pollen, artificial peach, passionfruit, and tropical flavors

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