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Raintree, Bellaco Caspi 500 mg - 100 Vegetarian Capsules

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People are justifiably becoming fascinated with alternative methods and natural remedies that can support health and restore the body. With the strains of modern life putting us under incredible pressure, is it any wonder that diseases, neurological disorders and general ailments are all on the increase?

 People are more aware than ever of what they consume and the effects that harsh chemicals and additives can have on the body’s delicate balance. With this in mind, we have taken a journey back in time to rediscover a harmonious, pure way of life that holds a lot of answers to the ailments affecting us today.

 At Raintree Formulas, we believe there is a lot of power in the natural world. We use herbs from a part of the planet that is largely untouched in order to restore harmony and promote healing in the body.

 We source the best possible herbs in the Amazon, working in harmony with the region to produce these incredible herbs, so that this knowledge can benefit not only the indigenous people, but the whole world


Bellaco-caspi is a tropical rainforest tree growing 8-16 m in height with a tall, narrow, pyramidal crown. The trunk is 30-40 cm in diameter with rough mottled bark. The tree produces white perfumed flowers and a 20 cm seed pod with numerous winged seeds inside. The leaves are bright green and about 25 - 30 cm long by 3-5 cm wide. When the leaves are broken off their stems, and the stems are broken from the branches, a milky white latex is exuded. Wounding the tree bark will also exude the latex.

There are 7 to 8 species of Himatanthus trees that can be found from Central America to Northern South America—most indigenous to the Amazon are medium to large trees found in the moist and flooded forests at lower elevations (below 500 m).


Recommended Daily Intake: 2-3 capsules twice daily, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Bellaco Caspi (Himatanthus sucuuba) bark.

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