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Puroast Low Acid Coffee House Blend Drip Grind - 12 oz (Pack of 2)

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The Puroast story begins while I’m sitting on a Venezuelan coffee farm one morning and I’m served a cup of coffee by my host. The same fellow who grew, roasted and brewed the beans. The taste was unlike any coffee I had ever had.

Savory, rich and very smooth. No bitterness. I assumed this great taste was because I was on a coffee farm, like drinking wine in a vineyard. It turns out the secret to this flavor was how heat was used in roasting.

I knew then that I wanted to learn how to create a coffee that is pure to the art of roasting. Puroast Coffee. After a long journey, we found the right flavor and Puroast Coffee was born. So my brother and I start selling Puroast in local stores in California, people loved the taste and then we find out there’s a lot more to the story.

Mixed in with the compliments about taste, we received comments telling us Puroast Coffee didn’t upset customers’ stomachs or aggravate their heartburn. There were so many of these comments that we decided to find out if there was something different about Puroast which would be a significant benefit. We discovered there was a big difference in Puroast. Not only does our roasting recipe make for a smoother taste, it also greatly reduces the acid in the coffee by more than 50% compared to leading brands. 50% less acid than other coffees! This isn’t just me saying this,

it’s Dr. Shibamoto and scientific research team from the University of California/Davis. Dr. Shibamoto found that in reducing acid levels, our roasting process dramatically increased the amount of antioxidants. And by dramatic I mean by 5 times more than other leading coffees and 7 times more than green tea. 7 times more antioxidants than green tea! You will discover what I did on that Venezuelan coffee farm, along with Puroast Coffee’s exquisite flavor, the benefits of lower acid and rich levels of antioxidants will bring you enjoyment like no other coffee you’ve ever had.

To make the perfect cup of Puroast Coffee use cold water, use 2.5 ounces of Puroast Coffee for a good 10-12 cup pot (or find your own perfect amount). Puroast Coffee works well in all brewers including French Press. Puroast is perfect for restuarants, cafes, and coffee houses.


The only ingredient in Puroast Coffee is 100% premium ground coffee beans. What makes Puroast Coffee so deliciously healthy is our unique roasting process. Our beans are roasted slowly in a wood-fire, which is traditional of Venezuelan coffee farmers. This process allows each bean to roast on its own, producing a range of flavors that are both subtle and full-bodied. The Puroast roasting process also reduces bitter elements that are often caused by other, conventional roasting methods. This in turn reduces the acid content of all our Puroast Coffees. In addition to the health benefits low acidity provides, it also “unmasks” the true flavor of the bean.

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