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Life Extension, Rich Rewards Decaf Roast - 12 oz (340 grams)

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Coffee beans are packed with antioxidant polyphenols that are often lost during roasting. Rich Rewards® Decaf Roast features organic Arabica beans and retains more of their nutrients with a patented, 100% natural HealthyRoast® process that still offers rich, gourmet flavor.

Benefits at a Glance

  • A potential part of improved longevity
  • Retains more antioxidant polyphenols
  • Natural stomach-soothing compounds
  • Ground for added convenience
  • Same great nutrients but without caffeine

A potential part of improved longevity

Scientists have found that people living on the Greek island of Ikaria enjoy a longer, healthier life span and it may be due to the way they prepare their coffee.

Instead of heavily roastingthe coffee and thus removing beneficial polyphenols, they boilit in a way that retains its unique compounds.1 Greek islanders who consumed this polyphenol-rich coffee were found to have healthy endothelial function that scientists suggested may play a role in their longevity.1

Retains more antioxidant polyphenols

Among the most beneficial coffee polyphenol is chlorogenic acid, a potent antioxidant which promotes optimal health.2-5 This inhibits glucose-6-phosphatase, an enzyme that stimulates creation of excess glucose in the liver, which can result in blood glucose elevation.

Rich Rewards® Decaf Roast is made with a patented,6 100% natural process called HealthyRoast®. This process delivers a more complete nutritional profile of the coffee bean, retaining more antioxidant polyphenols. Specifically, it yields up to 87% more chlorogenic acid than conventional coffees.

Natural stomach-soothing compounds

Handpicked deep in the rainforests of Central America, Rich Rewards® uses 100% USDA certified organic Arabica coffee beans exclusively. Using ecologically sustainable
coffee growing practices, they're Rainforest Alliance certified to be equally healthy for the environment. And it's roasted precisely in small batches with no additives or preservatives.

The gentle HealthyRoast® process also preserves the special, naturally occurring coffee compounds that soothe your stomach, instead of irritating it.

Ground for added convenience

Rich Rewards® Decaf Roast comes pre-ground so you can kick-start your day a little faster.

Great nutrients but without caffeine

Rich Rewards® Decaf Roast delivers all the antioxidant polyphenols available in coffee beans but without any of the less desirable effects of caffeine.

Dosage and Use Use two tablespoons of ground coffee for each 6 fl. oz. cup Use fresh filtered water Brew

Ingredients Certified USDA organic Arabica coffee beans

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