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Keurig, Tully's Coffee, French Roast, Dark Roast Extra Bold, K-Cup packs - 12 K-Cups (Pack of 6)

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VARIETY DESCRIPTION: A smoky, decadent tale and our most popular roast. French Roast is the ultimate coffee story, as written in a Parisian Café: powerful and intense, with a bittersweet end. Made with 100% Arabica coffee.

ABOUT TULLY'S: Some professionals need to approach their jobs slowly and with a great deal of care.  Like tightrope walkers.  Or brain surgeons.  Or tattoo artists. At Tully’s, the same holds true for creating great coffee.  It takes a lot of time and patience, which is why we slow roast our coffee beans to gently coax out the complex flavors and aromas. With roots in the Pacific Northwest, where coffee is a way of life, we take our time in roasting and in training each master roaster in our artisanal approach. From the aroma to the full-bodied flavor, you can taste the time taken in every satisfying cup of Tully’s coffee.  Now we invite you to take your time discovering it.

Tasting Notes: A smoky, decadent tale

  • Product Details: This is a Dark Roast Coffee that is certified Kosher (U)
  • Count Size: Contains six cartons, each with 12 K-Cup packs, totaling 72 K-Cup packs
  • Keurig Quality: If it doesn't have the Keurig logo, it's not Keurig quality.  In order for your Keurig brewer to give you the best beverage possible, be sure to use only Keurig K-Cup packs
  • The Keurig Difference: Whether your morning joe gives you grounds for celebration or mocha makes you over the moon, your Keurig brewer is able to brew over 250 varieties of coffee, tea and hot cocoa, plus seasonal and café style beverages

Keurig® K-Cup® Tully's® Regular French roast extra bold coffee is dark roasted and brewed to make 6/8/10 oz beverage. Coffee offers deep roasted aromas/smoky flavors resembling a quaint Parisian cafe, sold as 18 per pack.

  • Regular caffeinated coffee
  • Dark roast strength
  • Reveals deep roasted aromas, and smoky flavors reminiscent of a quaint Parisian café
  • Extra bold coffee
  • Brews either a 6, 8 or 10 oz. beverage depending on the machine
  • 18 K-Cups per pack
  • No filters or loose coffee, just pop it in and brew
  • Product is Kosher
  • Compatible with all Keurig® Brewers including the Keurig® 2.111

Great Taste These coffee pods give you the strong taste of real French-roast coffee from the renowned Tully's coffee shops. You can find other varieties of coffee, as well as tea.

K-Cup TypeCoffee
Coffee Roast FilterDark
Coffee Flavor FilterBold
Tea Type FilterN/A
Hot/Iced FilterHot
Kosher FilterYes
Organic FilterNo
Fair Trade Certified FilterNo
Coffee RoastDark
Coffee FlavorFrench Roast
Fair Trade CertifiedNo
Keurig K-Cup TypeCoffee


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