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Kan Herb Company, Wise Woman's Well Liquid - 4 Ounces

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Deficiency and insecurity of the Yin and Yang essences of the Kidney,
Liver, and Heart lead to the unpredictable surges and declines
preceding and following menopause. This formula tonifies Qi, Moisture,
and Blood, replenishes Essence, and harmonizes the relationship
between the Kidney and Heart.

-Eases peri- and post-mesopausal hot flashes, sweating, dizziness,
 mood swings, dryness, sleep disturbances, occasional water retention
-Aids in soothing occasional diminished libido, depression, anxiety,
 mood swings
-Aids in relieving occasional weakness, fatigue, or back and leg pain
-Soothes occasional frequent or inhibited urination
-Supports a healthy and regular menstrual cycle

Direction of use as a herbal supplement, adults take 1-1.5 drops 2-4 times daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Supplement Facts:


Standard Adult dosage: 1-1.5 drops 2-4 times daily, or as directed by
your healthcare.


Common names:
Rehmannia root (prepared), Raw rehmannia root, Donkey skin gelatin
(soybean), Siberion motherwort herb, Anemarrhena rhizome, Chinese yam
rhizome, Schisandra fruit, Dong quai root head, White atractylodes
rhizome, Epimedium herb, Sour jujube seed (dry fried), Polygonum
multiflorum stem, Lotus seed, Asian water plantain rhizome, Dragon
bone, Oyster shell, Phellodendron bark, Chinese cinnamon bark, White
Asian ginseng root, Curculigo rhizome, White Asian ginseng tail.

Pinyin names:
Shu di huang, Sheng di huang, E jiao, Yi mu cao, Zhi mu, Shan yao, Wu
wei zi, Dang gui tou, Bai zhu, Yin Yang huo, Suan zao ren chao, Ye
jiao teng, Lian zi, Ze xie, Long gu sheng, Duan mu li, Huang bai, Rou
gui, Ji lin bai ren shen, Xian mao, Ji lin bai ren shen tail.

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