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Kan Herb Company, Jade Moon Phase 3 Liquid - 2 Ounces

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Promote Ovulation

Focus of Treatment
-Regulate QI and Blood to facilitate release and transport of
 the egg in the fallopian tube
-Tonify Kidney Yin and Yang to ensure final ripening of the egg
 and the production of fertile mucus
-Calm the Shen to maintain commuication between the
 Bao Mai or uterus vessel, and the uterus

Direction of use as a dietary supplement , as directed by your healthcare professional.

Supplement Facts:


Tu si zi
 (Chinese dodder seed)

Dang gui shen
 (Dong quai root)

Zhi huang qi
 (Astragalus root (honey fried))

Rou cong rong
 (Cistanche salsa herb)

Ji xue teng
 (Spathlobus root and vine)

He huan pi
 (Silk tree bark)

Zhi xiang fu
 (Cyperus rhizome (prepared))

Chi shao
(Chinese red peony root)

Bai shao
 (White peony root)

Shan yao
 (Chinese yam rhizome)

Shu di huang
 (Rehmannia root (prepared))

Nu zhen zi
 (Ligustrum fruit)

Mu dan pi
 (Tree peony root bark)

Fu ling

Bu gu zhi
 (Psoralea fruit)

Hong hua
 (Carthamus flower)

Zi shi ying

Zao jiao ci
 (Gleditsia spine)

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