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Just Potent, Probiotic 35 Billion CFUs - 30 Capsules

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  • Each capsule contains 7 times the CFUs of the best selling probiotics (PRO-15) on Amazon.
  • Just Potent Probiotics is arguably the best probiotics in the world; hands down!
  • Better survivability against stomach acids than any probiotics on the market today.
  • Improves your immune and digestive system. Become lactose tolerant and regular again!
  • Significantly help with the side effects associated with antibiotic therapy. Replenish good bacteria faster!

The Just Potent Probiotic is a complete probiotic formula that is great for your gastrointestinal and immune health. With 8 distinct, scientifically proven and researched bacteria strains, the Just Potent Probiotic holds the crown of the world’s best probiotic supplement.

Around 70% of your immune system is in your digestive system and for you to have an agile immune system, you need an agile and functioning digestive system. There are many reasons why you would want to take a probiotic supplement. For all those reasons, the Just Potent Probiotic will meet your needs in terms of potency, viability, shelf stability, lifespan of good bacteria, stomach acid survivability, and above all, a solid immune system that fights for you and prevents you from getting sick*.

​Some of the benefits you'll derive when you decide to buy the Just Potent Probiotic...

o   Helps improve your immune and digestive system

o   Helps you fight against irregular stomach upsets

o   Helps you digest food better

o   Experience less gas and bloating

o   Helps with occasional diarrhea

o   Greatly improves your bowel movement

o   Each bottle packs 1 trillion 50 billion good, friendly, beneficial bacteria

o   Each bottle packs the equivalent of 1.05% good bacteria in an adult gut

o   One capsule a day means you’re in charge

o   ABSOLUTELY no side effects

The Just Potent Probiotic is an all-natural supplement high in 8 distinct and scientifically proven active cultures. With the inclusion of FOS and FiberAid, these cultures are safely and effectively delivered to your gut while surviving the stomach acid and harsh environment in the gut.

While other brands claim higher survivability in the gut, none of these brands are as powerful as the Just Potent Probiotic. We have formulated the Just Potent Probiotic to help you safely and naturally restore your intestinal flora.

What this means is that when you take the Just Potent Probiotic, you increase the amount of good bacteria in your gut while at the same time reducing the amount of bad and harmful bacteria. The result of this balance is that your digestive system is agile, working like it should be, and you ultimately feel on top of the world.

​The Just Potent ingredient mix adds higher milligrams of FOS per capsule than most brands. FOS helps with growth of beneficial bacteria while at the same time increasing overall gastrointestinal tract health.

Directions Adults, take one capsule daily as a dietary supplement. May be taken during meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Ingredients Lactobacilli acidophilus + Bifidumbacterium lactis + Lactobacilli plantarum + Lactobacilli salivarius + Bifidobacterium bifidum + Bifidobacterium longum + Lactobacilli bulgaricus + Lactobacilli rhamnosus (35 Billion CFUs) // Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) + FiberAid - Arabinogalactan (LAG) (50mg) // Veggie Capsule

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