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Global Healing Center - Female Fuzion - 2 Fluid Ounces

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As females age, it's common to experience a slow down in vitality, energy, sexual drive, and overall wellness. Female Fuzion™ is designed to assist the body in regulating proper hormone balance to create superior vitality in women.

A Brief History of the Invention of Female Fuzion™

Dr Group Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND

Female Fuzion™ is the result of unparalleled ancient wisdom reinterpreted in the light of modern equipment and analysis. •Female Fuzion is based on our Spagyrex® process combined with Dr. Group's research into female hormone balance. Female hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and others decrease with age leading to menopause, lack of energy, as well as loss of female vitality. •Thus began his six year quest to create the most powerful herbal female hormonal support product. It started by studying a combination of hormone balancing herbs and the works of the most famous 16th century healer, scientist and alchemist, Paracelsus. •Paracelsus, composed the word Spagyria (Spagyry), which means to extract (spao) and combine (ageiro). The word was used to describe the process and power of transmuting a preparation of herbs into an elixir of health and longevity. •Dr. Group took this original technology and advanced the science and art of spagyry-based processes to create the Spagyrex® process, a revolutionary, multi-step, proprietary alchemy and spagyry-based processing technique that follows the principle of separating and recombining all the elements of an herb, to extract the most powerful essence of its healing nature. The result is a Harmonious Organic Supercharged Extract.

1. The Best Herbal and Nutritional Support for Hormonal Balance

Female Fuzion™ is the premier formula for women. The herbal ingredients are premium quality and organic or wildcrafted and all have a long history of traditional use for supporting women's health.

2. Supports Normal Energy Levels

A revitalization of energy is one of the pleasant side effects of balanced hormones. Female Fuzion™ can help to revitalize fatigued and drained energy levels!

3. Prescription-Free Formula

Female Fuzion™ is an all natural, herbal formula that is drug free. No prescription is required, nor do you have to endure an embarrassing visit with the doctor or their staff. Take control of your own health!

4. Encourages a Balanced Mood

When your hormones are in balance, so is your mood! Don't be surprised if Female Fuzion™ helps to improve your confidence and well being.

5. Unparalleled Quality!

Female Fuzion™ is formulated with premium quality, all natural herbs and produced at our cutting edge facility in the United States! Every ingredient is carefully sourced and every bottle is treated with the utmost care from start to finish.

Suggested Use Take 2 droppers, in the morning and 2 droppers in the afternoon around 3 p.m. Best taken on an empty stomach.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Consult your healthcare provider before taking if pregnant or nursing, or for any additional concerns.


  • Organic Tribulus terrestris (fruit) Tribulus terrestris is a vigorous plant believed to stimulate the libido and support normal hormone levels. It's popular in Chinese and Indian culture as an aphrodisiac that boosts boost sexual performance in males and females and acts as an overall tonic for reproductive system health.
  • Organic Epimedium (leaf) The benefits of epimedium were first recorded in 200 B.C. by the Chinese who regard the herb as one of the most effective aphrodisiacs. Its primary, active constituent is icariin, which is thought to relax smooth muscles. The flavonoid content stimulates sensory nerves, especially in the genitals, and promotes sexual arousal and desire. Epimedium is also used to rejuvenate energy and the Chinese Academy of Sciences even recommends it to slow aging.
  • Organic Ashwaganda (root) Also known as wifania somnifera, ashwagandha is an Indian herb that promotes the health of female reproductive organs to support libido. By encouraging clitoris sensitivity and supporting blood flow to the clitoris, ashwagandha is popular among women seeking to reignite passion and sexual desire. It also helps to reduce stress hormones and promote overall hormonal balance too.
  • Organic Avena Sativa (leaf/stem) Also known as the common oat, avena sativa contains natural compounds that help support normal hormone levels, healthy energy levels, and sexual response.
  • Organic Suma (root) Often called South American Ginseng, suma is an herb used to stimulate energy and stamina levels. Native users in the Amazon have long touted the aphrodisiac qualities of Suma and research suggests this effect as well. It promotes a pleasant mood and supports a healthy libido, and supports a woman’s reproductive systems, including normal hormonal balance. Although its method of action isn't known, most experts agree it has a direct impact on the way one feels about themselves and the world.
  • Organic Maca (root) Maca has a long history of successful use for menopausal discomfort and sexual healing. It contains a number of vitamins along with calcium, zinc and iron. Maca root promotes hormonal balances and helps restore sexual desire; animal studies have reported its aphrodisiac qualities.
  • Organic Tongkat Ali (root) Dr. Mehmet Oz referred to Tongkat ali extract as the greatest natural aphrodisiac. Used for centuries in Malaysia, the leaves, roots, and bark are given to women who have a low libido. It fans sexual desire and increases sensitivity in a woman's erogenous areas. It also rejuvenates energy, supports a healthy stress response, memory, and brain function.
  • Wildcrafted Muira Puama (bark) Also called “potency wood,” muira puama is a small tree native to the Amazon; its bark and root are used by indigenous people for sexual therapy. It's said to work by intensifying blood surge to the pelvic area, resulting in intensifying sex drive. The upsurge in libido can intensify sensation and many women report intensified sexual feelings and orgasms.
  • Wildcrafted Catuaba (bark) Native to Northern Brazil, the Catuaba tree was first recognized by the Tupi Indians who discovered the bark had multiple health benefits and brewed it into an aphrodisiac tea. Its use quickly spread to the other tribes of Brazil.  It's appreciated as a nervous system enhancer that stimulates libido and sexual desire. Continuous use of catuaba bark has been known to create erotic dreams and heighten sexual experience and orgasm.
  • Shilajit Regarded as one of the most important tonics of traditional Indian medicine, shilajit seeps from the cracks of Himalayan rocks and cliffs. It is composed of organic plant material that's been compressed for hundreds of years. It's collected, purified, concentrated and processed into a potent, high-quality extract that's rich in nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids, and fulvic acids. It supports cellular metabolism to promote vitality and, in China, it's considered a Jing tonic that increases sexual and spiritual energy.

Other Ingredients:

  • USP Kosher certified vegetable glycerin More gentle and stable than alcohol, USP Kosher certified vegetable glycerin is the best solvent base for Spagyrex® formulations.
  • Purified water (pH neutral) Purified water is one of the best neutral carriers. It’s effective, gentle, and, unlike alcohol, appropriate for everyone.

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