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Erba Dolce Stevia Sweetener Box - 50 packets

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Erba Dolce natural stevia is extracted from natural stevia leaves grown by Colombian farmers who have joined together to form associations to produce natural, quality stevia leaves for export. Many of these farming cooperatives were formed in support of government programs that provide new opportunities for local farmers.

Erba Dolce natural stevia does not require the production of insulin to be absorbed; therefore, its use is safe for diabetics. There are several studies that show the effects of stevia in type 2 diabetics: natural stevia's permanent consumption helps to normalize blood sugar levels.

Erba Dolce natural stevia uses maltodextrin in its blend. Stevia leaf extract itself, without any carrying agent is very difficult to dose. Maltodextrin is a natural cereal extract used as a vehicle because it has less calories than any other agent used in the market (dextrose, sucrose) and requires minimum amounts of insulin to be absorbed. Maltodextrin is a universal carrying agent used in the production of all kinds of food, such as powder milk, frozen meat, sauces, among others. It is very hard to find another product as neutral and soluble as Maltodextrin.

There are no known side effects of maltodextrin use in food products. Each packet of Erba Dolce white natural stevia powder is equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar.

Zero calorie, all natural sweetener

  • No bitter aftertaste typically associated with stevia
  • No chemical processing/GMO free
  • Kosher certified
  • Does not contain aspartame, saccharin, sucralose or fructose

Use as a natural sweetener, add to hot/cold beverages or sprinkle over food. Can be used for baking and cooking.

Ingredients: Stevia rebaudiana extract, (standardized to a minimum of 90% stevioside, including 50% of rebaudoside A), Maltodextrin (GMO free)

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