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Dr. Stuart's Herbal Teas Apple & Ginger - 15 Tea Bags

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If you feel like a reviving pick-me-up, make yourself a delectable cup of Dr Stuart's Apple and Ginger tea. Its wonderfully spicy blend of fruity apple and invigorating ginger laced with cinnamon will warm you through and through! All Dr Stuart's teas are created by a leading ethnobotanist Dr Malcolm Stuart, who is described as 'the father of modern herbalism'. This is the only brand to use active botanicals,

which are from the most prized parts of the plants, ensuring that the herbs used are very clean, fresh and high in the essential oils that make Dr Stuart's Teas extraordinary. Only pure natural ingredients are used with no additives or artificial flavourings or colourings.

Pour boiling water onto tea bag and allow to brew for FIVE minutes. Natural botanical teas take longer to infuse properly. Use one bag for a cup and two for a large mug.

Hibiscus Flowers, Rosehip Shells, Apple (19%), Ginger (19%), Cinnamon (8%), Organic Demerara Sugar, Natural Lemon Flavour, Natural Pineapple Flavour.

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