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D'Adamo, Home GenoType Testing Kit

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At D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition we are dedicated to helping you take the groundbreaking discoveries of Dr. Peter D'Adamo and turning them into repeatable, viable lifestyle practices. His original book Eat Right for Your Type, now newly updated after 20 successful years of publication, remains a standby in the libraries of anyone looking to optimize their health through personalization. Our goal is to pass along the knowledge from this book and his subsequent collection of over a dozen more, exploring every aspect of health that can improve by having a thorough understanding of one's blood type.

Dr. Peter DAdamos home GenoTyping Kit gives you the tools youll need – and with the enclosed Easy-Typing Guide, takes you through the steps youll need to quickly and easily determine your GenoType. And, most importantly, how you can use this information to lose weight and live a longer, healthier life.
Discover what your GenoType reveals about you:
What your fingertips tell you about your risk for heart disease or cancer
What role your taste buds play in cravings for sugar, alcohol, and caffeine
What the length of your index and ring fingers say about your fertility
How the shape of your teeth indicate your best diet choices
What your blood type tells you about your best weight loss method 

Direction of use: Easy-Typing Guide Biometric protractor/ruler Fingerprinting Tools Taster strips Knowing your blood type is important to determining your GenoType.

Knowing your blood type is important to determining your GenoType.

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