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Citrus Magic Natural Odor Eliminating Air Freshener Spray, Tropical Lemon, 3.5-Ounce (Pack of 3)

  • $39.99
  • $29.99

Citrus Magic's Tropical Lemon Odor Eliminating Spray has harnessed the natural power of citrus in order to help you eliminate odors and freshen the air around you. Remove unwanted odors from any room in the house and fill the air with the clean scent of freshly cut, tropical lemons with our Citrus Magic Tropical Lemon Odor Eliminating Spray. Citrus Magic contains natural ingredients that are 100% active and last up to 4 times longer than most conventional sprays that only use gas and a little perfume to mask odors.

Fresh, tropical lemon fragrance

  • Natural, 100% active ingredients
  • Eliminates odors on contact and fills the air with a clean fresh scent
  • Lasts up to 4x longer than conventional sprays
  • Convenient 3 pack


Spray Citrus Magic high into the air, in the center of any room and away from face. Within seconds, odors will be dissolved, and the light scent of fresh cut citrus will remain for some time. Citrus Magic can easily be used to deodorize and freshen many rooms at once by spraying into a handy air return duct while the fan is running.
Ingredients: 100% Pure and natural, specially formulated citrus fragrance oils from lemons.

Eye irritant. Flammable. Do not spray on plastic or varnished surfaces. Avoid toile seats (plastic) as spotting may occur. Safe for carpets, draperies and other cloth material. Not for personal use. Use only as instructed. If sprayed on sensitive skin or eyes, flush thoroughly with water at least 15 minutes. If needed, petroleum jelly (Vaseline) will help stop sensitive skin from stinging. If you have concerns, contact the Poison Control Center for more information.

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