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Bio K Plus Acidophilus Capsules, 15 Count

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EXTRA STRENGTH Bio-K+ enteric-coating capsules come in practical and resealable handy Bio-Kbottles of 15 units. Bio-K+ EXTRA STRENGTH capsule is a unique and exclusive formula of 50 billion L. acidophilus CL1285 and L. casei LBC80R 100% probiotic bacteria that contributes to a natural healthy intestinal flora. Bio-K+ is supported by published clinical studies that have been done using the finish product as available in stores.

Bio-K+ promotes the balance of intestinal flora by delivering a high number of probiotic bacteria (50 BILLION) that help stimulate systemic and mucosal functions of the immune system and serve as a barrier against harmful germs and substances.

It is suggested that Bio-K+ capsules be kept in a refrigerator for maximize the efficacy of the product. HOWEVER, for a short period of time, such as while traveling, the capsules do not have to be kept refrigerated. 

Extra strength probiotic capsules

  • 50 billion active bacteria
  • Vegetarian enteric coated capsules, gluten free
  • Safe for children and seniors, provided they are able to swallow the capsule
  • Gives a maximal intestinal flora support

Bio-k plus international inc. And the bio-k plus pharma division were formed as a result of the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation of two men, Dr francois-marie luquet and Mr. Claude chevalier, who were particularly interested in probiotic bacteria, a substantial component in human health. Bio-k plus pharma has been devoted to promoting health and ensuring quality of life for its clients since its inception on in 1994.

In case the temperature drops below refrigeration level of 36-46°F your shipment is still good since for a short period of time, such as while traveling, the capsules do not have to be kept refrigerated.


Medicinal ingredients : Lactobacillus acidophilus CL1285?, Lactobacilus casei LBC80R? Total Lactobacillus spp. count : 50 billion CFU / capsule guaranteed until expiry date. Non-medicinal ingredients : Cellulose, hypromellose, ethylcellulose, medium chain triglycerides, sodium alginate, ascorbic acid, magnesium, stearate, silicone dioxide, titanium dioxide. May contain traces of milk solids *Contains no gluten, GMO, hormones, antibiotic residues, pesticides or heavy metals

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