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 Apex Energetics  

Apex Energetics Dietary Supplements


Apex Energetics serves the healthcare community as a leading sponsor of cutting-edge functional medicine education and has created an innovative portfolio of research-guided nutritional formulas supported by superior customer service for over 25 years. Our unique approach to nutrition involves capturing and integrating science and healthcare practitioner insights into successful performance-based health strategies for patients. Apex Energetics formulas are developed by leading experts in close association with our Scientific Advisory Board. This collaboration integrates a wide range of healthcare perspectives and approaches such as functional medicine, chiropractic principles, Eastern medicine, and the latest nutritional science. Our science-based process results in formulas that maintain compliance with our rigorous quality control standards while meeting unique patient needs. Our formulas support specific biochemical pathways and physiological processes, such as the neuroendocrine-immune axis, the brain-gut axis, and hepatic detoxification, as well as brain chemistry and functional blood chemistry. At Apex Energetics, you and your patients are at the center of everything we do.




 Apex Energetics    Apex Energetics  K-LINE NUTRITIONALS           Apex Energetics K-LINE CREAMS    Apex Energetics K-LINE CREAMS         Apex Energetics K-LINE HOMEOPATHICS    Apex Energetics K-LINE HOMEOPATHICS



K-LINE NUTRITIONALS -  are designed by healthcare professionals to support the endocrine system, gastrointestinal system, brain, brain-gut axis, circulatory system, hepatobiliary system, musculoskeletal system, and immune system with high-quality ingredients.*  These ingredients include phytonutrients, cofactors, and enzymes that support biochemical and metabolic pathways.*


K-LINE CREAMS - This unique product line features a range of revitalizing formulas that provide topical support. Rejuvenative ingredients, such as fresh plant bud extracts and flower essences, have been specially selected to offer the maximum benefit. These cream products come in two versions: one with essential oils to add an aromatic effect, and another without essential oils for those who may have topical or aroma sensitivities.


K-LINE HOMEOPATHICS - This specially designed product line offers complexes that are complementary to the other K-line formulas while utilizing homeopathic principles. A range of ingredients in various potencies helps provide an effective approach to homeopathic supplementation.




 Apex Energetics TerrainZyme  Apex Energetics Terrainzyme


  TERRAINZYME Z-PLEX is a highly advanced, plant enzyme-based nutritional line is designed specifically to support the biological terrain.* These formulas work together to address the various aspects of the biological terrain, such as mineral/electrolyte balance and enzymatic activity.* The TerrainZyme formulas provide macronutrients as the building blocks of the terrain.

This line is designed based on the various urine and saliva tests used in biological terrain testing. All products in this line have a proprietary blend of broad-spectrum enzymes designed to support the breakdown of complex nutrients and make them more bioavailable.*




     Apex Energetics TERRAINMAX T-PLEXApex Energetics Terrainmax


  TERRAINMAX T-PLEX - These state-of-the-art sublingual formulas are designed to provide herbs, nutrients, essential ionized co-enzymes, and cofactors for building and fulfilling organ terrain by:
  • Supporting enzymatic activity
  • Support Digestive Health
  • Body Detox Benefit
  • Supporting drainage and detox processes
  • Meridian balancing
  • Cellular micro-nutrition
  • Other essential rejuvenating activities in the system




 Apex Energetics Herbal Drainage H-Plex  Apex Energetics Herbal Drainage H-Plex



HERBAL DRAINAGE H-PLEX - Apex Energetics is proud to offer three formulas designed with the latest biological assessment technologies. These unique products are designed to be used to support key filtering organs and their natural drainage processes.

Each formula carries a unique blend of herbal ingredients selected and specially prepared to deliver a potent phytotherapeutic and synergistic effect. Ingredients are picked at the plant bud's embryonic state to capture maximum vitality and special properties such as growth factors. Remedies contain very high concentrations of bud extracts from Europe and are ideal for supporting the body's drainage and detox processes.




 Apex Energetics Cellegion L-Plex  Apex Energetics Cellegion L-Plex



CELLEGION L-PLEX - The Cellegion a Line consists of two specially formulated products featuring Apex is Lacteal Peptide Complex, a technology designed to modulate the immune system, thereby restoring it to full functional capacity. Apex is Lacteal Peptide Complex contains a proprietary concentration of immunoreactive molecules that have been recognized to support cytokine pathways utilized by the body in building new cells. These peptides, nucleotides, and glycopeptides cause the cells of the immune system to resume the production of cytokines needed for cell-to-cell communication. Restored communication allows the immune system to establish its dynamic equilibrium (immune modulation) and thus fulfill its prime directives: to recognize, respond to, and remember that which is deemed foreign. Once the communication pathways are restored, there is a secondary aœspreading effect that produces a change in the function and numbers of the cells of the immune system.




     Apex Energetics Antitox     Apex Energetics Antitox Homeopathic Formulas A-Plex, B-Plex, C-Plex, D-Plex, E -Plex, N -Plex, W-Plex.



Antitox Homeopathic Formulas  A-Plex The Toxic Load Reduction Program. some of the names call Future Plex or Antitox.
This is a sequential series of remedies for addressing symptoms of toxicity, and for toxic load reduction and drainage, to be used over a period of months. The principles of effective toxic load reduction as determined by electronic evaluation techniques have been captured in the formulation of these remedies. Excellent results can be obtained by taking them in the recommended sequence, or as the symptom picture indicates.




 Apex Energetics Allertox   Apex Energetics Allertox



Allertox by Apex Energetics - Homeopathic Remedies for Allergies 

For general drainage, cleansing, and desensitization in such allergy-related conditions as rashes, headaches, fatigue, vertigo, and acne. Supports the pancreas, liver, kidneys, lymphatics, colon, and skin to relieve disorders resulting from chronic hypersensitivities. For patients with multiple allergies in both chronic and acute hypersensitivities and adverse reactions, especially multiple food sensitivities, house dust, M.S.G., pollen, and hay fever. Helpful in children with recurrent minor infections and as an adjunct in any desensitization protocol. For relief of systemic sensitivities to yeast, especially those of a chronic nature that results in increased susceptibility, such as Candida albicans. Helpful after using antibiotics or steroids. Promotes desensitization to specific yeast allergens. For sensitivities and reactions to foods and beverages containing yeast and sugar. For relief of acute symptoms which can occur after consumption of these products and for "chronic hypersensitivity." Especially for sensitivities to those yeasts which are used in preparing alcoholic drinks and leaven in bread products. Helpful after consumption of beer, wine, enzyme supplements, vinegar, and dried fruits.




  Apex Energetics RegenRx    Apex Energetics RegenRx



Apex Energetics RegenRx line is formulated to strengthen the energetically-weak organs.

These remedies incorporate many exciting and innovative discoveries by Michael Galitzer, M.D., and can be an invaluable adjunct to any organ-specific therapy for the purpose of regeneration. They can be selected for use based on homeopathic symptom pictures, or just to support organ performance. They are especially helpful for patients who need strengthening of the organs prior to or during a certain therapy. Also, they are useful for those who initially improve with drainage and detoxification remedies, but then hit a stage where, despite every therapy that is given, no further improvement is made. This is referred to as the Plateau Stage and is usually very frustrating for both patient and practitioner. The RegenRx™ remedies are ideally suited to the Plateau Stage. It is at this stage that the toxic load in the body has been greatly reduced, but the tissues and organs are still weak and susceptible, and symptoms may still persist. The remedies are very helpful for sensitive patients prior to or during the detoxification process




Apex Energetics Metaboplex Apex Energetics Metaboplex



Metaboplex by Apex Energetics  In homeopathy

this mode of treatment is known as Isopathy. Isopathy is Iso - meaning the same; and pathy - meaning disease. In other words, Isopathy uses the same disease from which the patient suffers to cure the patients' symptoms. Isopathic remedies are irreplaceable therapeutic weapons, being very potent and highly effective. Apex CELLUTOX(TM) remedies make it very simple to use Isopathic technology. Simply match symptoms from the patients with the symptom profile for the remedy. Addresses minor symptoms related to the common cold viruses. Addresses minor symptoms such as sore throat and inflammation related to streptococcal infections. Addresses minor symptoms related to vaginal irritations, and immune stress. Addresses minor symptoms related to stress and immune weakness, and viruses commonly encountered while traveling.




 Apex Energetics Endotox   Apex Energetics Endotox



Endotox by Apex Energetics 

This Line Support For drainage and homeopathic support of the pancreas, (both exocrine and endocrine).  For micro-nutritional support of the pancreas.  For relief of symptoms related to weak pancreatic action.  Rich in French Gemmae drainage Technology.  An important systemic formula synergistically balances the overall metabolic integration process.  Indicated when digestive energy is weak, and in cases of poor dietary habits.  To assist sugar metabolism. For homeopathic support of the pancreas, liver, and spleen. For relief of symptoms related to over-consumption and accumulation of refined sugars due to improper metabolism. For supporting healthy blood sugar levels and the processing of energy. It can be used to help with stamina in sports; when drained due to lack of balance; stress-related physical weakness; and cellular enzyme/energetic depletion. Effective support for overcoming cravings of all kinds (sugar, coffee, chocolate, cigarettes, etc.). Helpful in mood swings. It should be used for a long period of time for full effect (2-4 months). For homeopathic support of the thymus. For disturbances due to over-consumption and incomplete integration of dietary metabolites (especially proteins). Very important during emotional overload and chronic or acute stress. A great formula for children with chronic disturbances, and to rebuild resistance. A powerful homeopathic brain support formula. For relief of symptoms related to over-consumption of starches or incomplete integration of starches and other carbohydrates such as headaches and brain fog. To support tissue's natural detoxification processes. Also for children with hyper and "excess" type of energy.





    Apex Energetics CellutoxApex Energetics Cellutox



Cellutox by Apex Energetics 

The state-of-the-art CELLUTOX(TM) by Apex Energetics formulas are designed to provide in-depth action for a variety of acute symptoms related to minor immune weakness and invading antigens, such as colds, flu, as well as for intestinal conditions. These unique remedies incorporate several ingredients including ones that are highly diluted diseased tissues or antigens, prepared homeopathically to treat a patient with the same antigen or condition (similar to vaccination). They are prepared according to the standards of the United States Homeopathic Pharmacopeia and developed to be used as over-the-counter formulas. Supports the immune system and provides relief for minor flu-related symptoms. In homeopathy, this mode of treatment is known as Isopathy. Isopathy is Iso - meaning the same; and pathy - meaning disease. In other words, Isopathy uses the same disease from which the patient suffers to cure the patients' symptoms. Isopathic remedies are irreplaceable therapeutic weapons, being very potent and highly effective. Apex CELLUTOX remedies make it very simple to use Isopathic technology. Simply match symptoms from the patients with the symptom profile for the remedy. The CELLUTOX formulas have several features such as drainage support, general immune support, and symptom relief. Review the manual for more in-depth information.




 Apex Energetics Flower Combinations    Apex Energetics Flower Combinations & FuturePlex



Flower Combinations by Apex Energetics & FuturePlex

In this Line, some products will support For temporary relief of symptoms related to feelings of emotional unfulfillment resulting in excessive appetite, sluggishness, and lack of motivation.  For temporary relief of symptoms related to anger, frustration, inflexibility, impatience, and unforgiveness. For temporary relief of symptoms related to lack of female expression due to loss of confidence or fear of being hurt. For temporary relief of symptoms related to shock, grief, disappointment, and restlessness. For temporary relief of symptoms related to chronic feelings of discouragement and the inability to break free of habits. For temporary relief of symptoms related to nervous irritability, exhaustion, neck and back tension, and worry. For temporary relief of symptoms related to painful emotional attachments, heartaches, and a desire for solitude. 



Apex Energetics dietary supplements are intended only for nutritional use and health maintenance and should not replace or delay the use of any conventional medical treatment.





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